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Caféstudy enables us to quickly tap into people's thoughts and opinions

Obtaining quality insights in market research is all about talking to the right people in the right way. For this we have built an exclusive community of people called Caféstudy ( Caféstudy consists of over 60,000 members across Australia aged 14 years and upwards. Membership is carefully managed to obtain the highest quality data on people's attitudes and opinions.

Our survey and group forum platforms are fully integrated into Caféstudy so we control who and how we ask questions to members. Caféstudy members can choose when and on what device (desktop, mobile or tablet) they wish to take part in research studies with.

Exclusive to

The Caféstudy community is only available for our research studies. As our systems are all integrated, profile and targeting information in constantly updated. This enables us to precisely match members to a study.

Robust and

The Caféstudy community has been built to truly reflect the Australian population. Our community is carefully managed to ensure the highest levels of quality.


Caféstudy members are rewarded for their feedback through an integrated loyalty system. This enables us to maintain high response rates from members.


Listen to what our Caféstudy members have to say:

I really like Caféstudy. I've earned two lots of $20 so far and I love seeing it pop up in my bank account. The surveys are interesting. They are never boring and time consuming like some you find via other survey groups.

Maryanne Martin

I'd like to thank you Caféstudy, not just for the incentives for doing surveys but for the whole way Caféstudy is setup with the Café Chat etc. Keep up the great work, you all do a fantastic job.

Lee O'Neill

I just want to let you know that I have taken part in various surveys but lately I've lost interest in doing them...all except Caféstudy. Why? Because your surveys are always inviting and interesting, they are not too long and the rewards are fair. Further, you seem to be very caring people and you have a great website which enables members to participate in more than just surveys.

Doug Fairlie

People have been so kind, I'm absolutely overwhelmed with their responses. What a wonderful group of people from all walks of life, Caféstudy is the best website I've ever come across. It is real, there is no judgement, no pressure, just warm responses to everyday issues.

Kaylene Maloney